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Ordering cupcakes and cakes:

Cupcakes: We ask that you order cupcakes at least 48 hours in advance, however we will accommodate last minute orders whenever possible.

Standard cakes should be ordered 48-72 hours in advance whenever possible as we often book up early due to the size of our kitchen and the volume of orders we receive, especially during our busy seasons of April - June and October - December. It's always best to order as early as possible.

There is no charge for an inscription or simple decorations such as buttercream flowers, dots or swirls.

CUSTOM CAKES: Cakes that require custom artwork are discussed by appointment only so that we may give you our full attention when discussing the design for your special cake. During our busy seasons we ask that you call at least 3 weeks prior to your event. Custom cakes are priced based on the complexity of the design.

Cake and cupcake care:

Cupcakes are best when eaten the day they are purchased, however if you are saving them for the next day, we recommend wrapping the box in plastic and leaving it at room temperature.

For cupcakes that will be eaten more than a day later,

the whole box can be wrapped in plastic and frozen.

Cakes should be kept and served at room temperature

and not put in the refrigerator.

Please do not leave cakes in a warm car for any amount of time.

The heat can melt frosting and fillings very quickly!

Payment / Cancellation Policy

When placing an order in person, we either require a 50% deposit.

We require 48 hours notice from scheduled pick-up time in order to receive a full refund for our standard cakes.  

Custom cakes must be canceled 7 days prior to due date.

Orders placed over the phone will be held with a credit card and can be paid for at pick up time. In the event of cancellation in under the 48 hour time period, your credit card will be charged for the value of the cake. You must speak with a retail associate in order for a cancellation to be processed. We do not issue refunds for orders canceled in under 48 hours or for orders not picked up.